§ 435.33. Federally-owned and exempt property.

(a) Federally-owned property. (1) Title to federally-owned property remains vested in the Federal Government. Recipients must submit annually an inventory listing of federally-owned property in their custody to SSA. Upon completion of the award or when the property is no longer needed, the recipient must report the property to SSA for further Federal agency utilization.

(2) If SSA has no further need for the property, it will be declared excess and reported to the General Services Administration, unless SSA has statutory authority to dispose of the property by alternative methods (e.g., the authority provided by the Federal Technology Transfer Act (15 U.S.C. 3710 (I)) to donate research equipment to educational and non-profit organizations in accordance with Executive Order 12821, “Improving Mathematics and Science Education in Support of the National Education Goals” (3 CFR, 1992 Comp., p. 323). Appropriate instructions will be issued to the recipient by SSA.

(b) Exempt property. When statutory authority exists, SSA has the option to vest title to property acquired with Federal funds in the recipient without further obligation to the Federal Government and under conditions SSA considers appropriate. Such property is “exempt property.” Should SSA not establish conditions, title to exempt property upon acquisition will vest in the recipient without further obligation to the Federal Government.