I-2-3-30.Postponement of Hearing — Amended Notice of Hearing

Last Update: 8/15/05 (Transmittal I-2-60)

When an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) has notified a claimant of the time and place set for a hearing, and it becomes necessary before the hearing begins to change the time or place of the hearing, prepare and send the claimant a Form HA-508-U6 (Amended Notice of Hearing), together with a Form HA-504 (Acknowledgement Form), and a copy of the original Notice of Hearing.


An amended notice of hearing must be sent at least 20 days before the hearing, unless the claimant waives the right to 20-day notice. (See I-2-3-25, Waiver of Advance Notice of Hearing.)


Form HA-508-U6 is a snap-form with distribution instructions printed on it. The distribution is the same as for a Notice of Hearing. (See I-2-3-15 D., Distribution of Notice of Hearing.)