I-2-8-45.Case Processing and Management System (CPMS) Case Routing

Last Update: 9/2/05 (Transmittal I-2-63)

Once case disposition data are entered into CPMS, the system sends prompts related to case routing and preparation of a transmittal/routing sheet (i.e., Form HA-L48 (Transmittal by Office of Disability Adjudication and Review)). The operator's primary responsibility is to accurately key the information requested. The ALJ will designate the regulation basis coding for the decision (see DI 26510.045 for a list of codes), the impairment code(s) (see DI 26510.015 for a list of codes), and any special instructions regarding medical diary dates. The ALJ will perform any necessary AVID inputs in CPMS for favorable or partially favorable decisions. The hearing office employee mailing the decision will make inputs as necessary to complete the CPMS record and generate the appropriate transmittal sheets. The regulation basis code fields include a drop down menu. The impairment coding area includes a hyperlink to available codes organized by body system, Listing sections, and/or specific impairments. Use of the impairment codes “9999” and “0000” are restricted to DDS use and are not valid at the hearing level.

If manual preparation of the HA-L48 is necessary, see I-4-3-116, Exhibit - Destination Codes and Addresses for Claim File Shipment in Favorable Decision Court Cases, for destination codes and addresses.