I-4-1-57.Sending the Record to Reprographics Staff

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

After the CRA assembles all material comprising the record, numbers all pages, prepares an index, and obtains the signed and sealed certification, the package is ready for printing. See I-4-1-96 for an illustration of proper assembly of the administrative record. The CRA must take the following actions in order to release the record for printing:

  • Place one copy of the certification in the claim file(s).

  • Place the original and the remaining copies of the certification on top of the record, as shown in I-4-1-96.

  • Place the entire administrative record in a plain manila folder.

  • Generate the Request for Reprographic Services through LOTS (see I-4-1-90). The reprographic request form is the route slip used to send the case to the reprographics staff and must be the top document. Paper clip a copy of the form to the front of the appeals file or temporary folder containing the OAO working papers near the edge so that the requisition number can be seen when the file is shelved in an upright position. Send a copy of the request to the appropriate OGC office with jurisdiction over the case to alert their staff that the transcript in being prepared.

  • Retain the appeals file, or the temporary folder containing OAO working papers, and the original claim folder. File these according to the requisition number to await return of the original documents and exhibits from the reprographics staff.

  • For PRIORITY - IN HOUSE (only) cases, the CRA must indicate on the reproduction request that the reprographics staff must return the copies of the CAR to the CCPRB for distribution. The CRA express mails the CAR to the U.S. Attorney and express mails a copy of the CAR to the appropriate OGC office. When sending a copy of the CAR to OGC, the CRA must prepare a route slip (which also must show when the express mail copies were sent to the U.S. Attorney) and place a copy of it in the appeals file or the temporary folder containing the OAO working papers. The CRA must then update the LOTS as to the release of the record and the disposition of the case.