I-4-1-67.Returned Transcripts

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

When the contractor returns the completed hearing transcripts, the clerk will date stamp each transcript and enter its return on the ACT II. The clerk or supervisory legal clerk must review the returned transcripts to verify proper format and correct number of pages and to ensure that there are no deficiencies which require recording audit. If the transcript is acceptable, the clerk must place the transcript on the shelf for pick-up by the CCPRB staff and enter the return to the CCPRB on the ACT II. Because of the priority nature of one and five day transcripts, Contracts Staff advises the CCPRBs when these transcripts are returned by the contractors. If the supervisory legal clerk determines that the transcript is deficient or if the contractor submits a report indicating that the recording is inaudible (see I-4-1-102), the supervisory legal clerk will refer the recording to a legal clerk for audit (see I-4-1-104 or I-4-1-105).