The Pediatric Medical Unit (PMU) project made pediatric medical expertise available to State and Federal adjudicators to assist them with developing and reviewing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) child disability cases.

What States/Locations Were Involved?

We tested the PMU initiative at the Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities (Memphis, Tennessee).

How Did it Work?

When a disability examiner received a childhood disability application that was difficult to determine, she or he could consult the doctors and specialists within the PMU for recommended consultative exams. The PMU could conduct the consultative exams, and they could provide a case assessment of the child's functional capacity after considering the impact of both individual impairments and combined impairments.

What Were Our Expectations?

PMUs helped the DDSs by providing expert information on impairments and functional limitations and by providing a way to acquire the documentation needed to make eligibility determinations as early as possible in the adjudication process.