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Jack S. Futterman

SSA Executive staff 

SSA Executive Staff in 1965--Front row (left to right):J. Deane Gannon, Director, Bureau of Federal Credit Unions; Jack S. Futterman, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Administration; Victor Christgau, Executive Director, SSA; Robert M. Ball, Commissioner of Social Security; Ida C. Merriam, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Research and Statistics; Arthur E. Ness, Director, Bureau of Disability and Health Insurance. Back row (left to right): Joseph L. Fay, Director, Bureau of Data Processing and Accounts; Alvin M. David, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Program Evaluation and Planning; Hugh F. McKenna, Director, Bureau of District Office Operations; Thomas C. Parrott, Assistant Commissioner, Field; Richard E. Branham, Director, Bureau of Retirement and Survivors Insurance; Charles M. Erisman, Deputy Director, Bureau of Hearings and Appeals (representing Joseph E. McElvain, Director); and Roy L. Swift, Information Officer, Office of Information. Absent when photo taken: Robert J. Myers, Chief Actuary, and Harold P. Packer, Assistant General Counsel. SSA History Archives.
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