I-2-6-44.Recording Identifying Information on the Hearing Recording Storage Envelope

Last Update: 9/2/05 (Transmittal I-2-64)

Before the administrative law judge (ALJ) calls the hearing to order, the individual assisting the ALJ must identify the case by recording the following information on the hearing recording storage envelope if the claim does not have a certified electronic folder:

  • claimant's name, spelled out;

  • claimant's SSN;

  • representative's name, spelled out;

  • witness' names, spelled out, and with his or her identity (i.e., wife, medical expert, vocational expert, etc.) noted;

  • date of hearing;

  • location of hearing;

  • claim type;

  • name of the ALJ; and

  • name of the person recording the hearing.

Record the same information on any additional recording storage envelopes.