I-3-6-52.Appeals Council Actions—Own Motion

Last Update: 10/13/11 (Transmittal I-3-42)

The “A” member reviews the action document prepared by the analyst. The “A” member may return the case to the analyst for further analysis, revision, or preparation of a different action. If the “A” member approves the action document, he or she will forward the case to the “B” member for consideration. If both adjudicators agree with the action, the Appeals Council (AC) will release the own motion notice and return the case to the Quality Review Branch (QRB); branch support staff establishes a diary for 35 days to await a response from the claimant.

If interim disability (“8001”) benefits are potentially payable, the AC will first forward the case to RSI branch at Falls Church headquarters after release of the own motion notice. The RSI branch, after setting controls, will return the case to the QRB as provided above. (See I-3-6-55.)