Chapter I-3-7. Remands

Table of Contents

I-3-7-10Remand for Further Development
I-3-7-11Remand for Medical Evidence
I-3-7-12Remand for Evidence from a Medical Expert
I-3-7-13Remand for Vocational Evidence
I-3-7-14Remand for Other Reasons
I-3-7-20Remand after Appeals Council Vacates Dismissal of Request for Hearing
I-3-7-25Remand at Request of Administrative Law Judge
I-3-7-30Preparation of Analysis
I-3-7-40Preparation of Remand Order
I-3-7-41Administrative Appeals Judge's Action
I-3-7-42Release of Remand Order and File
I-3-7-43Release of Appeals File
I-3-7-45Remand Order Returned As Undeliverable