Public Contact

The majority of positions at Social Security involve working directly with the public, and positions are located throughout the country. Our Public Contact Representatives receive extensive training and mentoring in Social Security programs and state laws.

Public Contact Representatives speak with beneficiaries about their rights under Social Security laws; gather facts and evidence to establish eligibility for benefits; make critical decisions to determine benefit amounts to individuals; and use state-of-the-art technology to access and update claims information.

Skills We Look For

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good people skills
  • Skills in independent analysis and problem solving using policies, procedures, laws, and regulations

Examples of Positions in This Area Include:

Claims Representatives interview applicants for benefits, determine a claimant’s initial eligibility for Social Security benefits, and analyze any evidence that will help make that determination. These employees obtain, clarify, and verify data used to analyze claims and make benefit decisions. Watch what Claims Representatives do!

Service Representatives assist the public by answering a wide variety of questions, conducting interviews, investigating situations, and resolving issues. These employees make determinations that affect a claimant’s ongoing eligibility for Social Security benefits and analyze claimants’ benefit payment histories. Watch what Service Representatives do!

Teleservice Representatives assist the public when they call our 800 number to obtain information, schedule appointments, or resolve issues with benefits. These employees assist the public by answering a wide variety of questions, conducting interviews, investigating situations, and resolving problems. Watch what Teleservice Representatives do!

Benefit Authorizers prepare, verify, and maintain benefit records. These employees work with the public by telephone or mail regarding benefit and payment amounts for various Social Security programs. They use substantive analysis to make benefit determinations and problem solving techniques to apply Social Security policies and regulations. Watch what Benefits Authorizers do!

Claims Authorizers approve or reconsider claims for Social Security benefits by determining a claimant’s eligibility. These employees independently research policies, procedures, laws, and regulations to support their decisions. Watch what Claims Authorizers do!