Recovery Methods

Along with our comprehensive program to recover benefit overpayments, we have an extensive debt collection program to recover administrative overpayments to contractors and former employees resulting from payment errors. In FY 2014, we recovered $2.0 million in administrative debt through an array of internal and external debt collection tools.

Administrative Debt Overpayments – Detections and Recoveries (dollars in millions)
Administrative Debt Overpayments Amount Identified FY 2014 Amount Recovered FY 2014 Amount Identified FY 2013 Amount Recovered FY 2013 Cumulative Amount Identified FY 2014 and 2013 Cumulative Amount Recovered FY 2014 and 2013
Total $3.7 $2.0 $1.9 $1.2 $5.6 $3.2
  1. The totals mainly include identified and recovered overpayments from sources other than our in-house recovery audit program for vendor and employee travel payments and our payment accuracy reviews for payroll and benefits payments, which are discussed in the Administrative Payments Recovery Auditing section.
  2. Identified overpayments in a given fiscal year represent identified debt that can span multiple fiscal years.
  3. We do not consider every overpayment improper according to the definition contained in the Improper Payments Information Act of 2002.